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Men At Work

April 21, 2017


My neighbor across the street has her trees pruned every two years. Today was the day she hired a crew, and I was dreading the noise their damn machines would be making all morning. All afternoon. When I looked out the window to guess just how big a job it would be, I was pleasantly […]

Tommy X Nadal

August 26, 2015


Once again, Rafa Nadal is posing in his underwear. This time for Tommy Hilfiger. Once again, they have given the camera to a straight man. (I’m assuming.) Although the ad is cute, a strip tease, it is clearly designed to appeal to women. Or rather, what a straight man thinks will appeal to women. What […]

Roommie’s Hot New Bod

June 28, 2014


My roommate for the past four years has been in Asia for the past four months on a modeling contract. He’s one of those half Asian/half caucasian guys that are always in demand here in Los Angeles. Even more so in parts of Asia. Especially for commercial print work. He’s part Native American, too, which […]

He Does Know He’s Sexy

February 27, 2012


  He can’t dance at all, but who cares?  This guy is way cuter than the original.  Great body.  Why these boys are sunning themselves in the snow is a mystery, but at least it gives him a chance to show off that bathing suit.  Cute cute cute.

Let’s Get Soaking Wet

January 12, 2012


  What took so long for something like this to appear?   They’ve shown girls in sexy ads for years.  Finally, cute boys in their underpants washing cars, and not done like an SNL skit, but like a real life wet dream.  Thank you to whomever thought this up and sold the idea to the […]

Rafa in Brief

October 27, 2011


Oh dear sweet merciful god in heaven. He’s clearly straight.  As if there was any doubt.  No gay man would ever throw those clothes on the floor of a parking garage. The director is also clearly, and maddeningly, straight.  There isn’t a single close up of his best feature.