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The Boy From Wham!

July 27, 2017


Ever since I was a teenager, I’d always thought one day I would meet George Michael. It’s not that strange, actually, to have felt that way. I’m sure I’m not the only one who did. Every gay teenager at the time was affected by George Michael, whether they wanted to admit it or not. How […]

Draw Me A Cutie

April 3, 2017


There was an art supply store by the railroad tracks. Sounds like a country music song, if country music songwriters could also draw. I would go there every now and then to pick up an item I remembered from the art classes I’d taken at school. You’d be surprised how often a knowledge of art […]

Check Your Messages

March 18, 2017


For some reason that I’m not entirely sure I can explain, while surfing from site to site doing research on Scwhinn hybrid bicycles last night, I found myself on the website of the college I attended. It was a bizarre place to land during a search for something completely unrelated. The kind of thing that […]

Texting Jode

March 14, 2017


Jode was a boy. Age nineteen. He sent me a message on a dating site. I’m not sure which one it was, but it was definitely a dating site, and not a hookup app. This I know for certain, because I do not use, have never used, one of those. His message was sweet. Telling […]


January 3, 2017


New Year’s Day is here. Time to make the list of things to accomplish in the next twelve months, but also to look back on the past, and not just one year. This is a time when romance springs to mind, as in romantic partners. Romantic partners of the past. If you are single, as […]

He’s a Dream

September 10, 2016


Mitch and I have not met, although I know who he is. We connected once, briefly, online. Years ago. His photo was handsome, his profile perfect. “Do they make guys like you single? I thought your type came out of the box already with a boyfriend.” He wrote back. “Haha! That is the nicest compliment […]

Train Spotting

January 6, 2016


That guy is cute. Dark hair. Strong cheekbones. He’s handsome. Dressed in black. Leaning against the train window, looking at the passing scenery. While I’m looking at him. He looks familiar. Hold on. That’s not some cute guy. That’s me. Riding on the Long Island Railroad heading into Manhattan. I was looking down the aisle […]