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January 3, 2017


New Year’s Day is here. Time to make the list of things to accomplish in the next twelve months, but also to look back on the past, and not just one year. This is a time when romance springs to mind, as in romantic partners. Romantic partners of the past. If you are single, as […]

Just One More Night

May 26, 2013


It was a dating site that brought me my last boyfriend. There was a time when I would have never admitted that, but I guess now I’m happy to acknowledge that it actually worked. The online profile I spent so much time editing, and fine tuning, and tinkering with, did the trick. He was cute. […]

Wait… Were We Dating?

February 23, 2013


The first guy who ever asked me out on a date was a customer of mine. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, I was a cashier at the supermarket and he used to come into the store late at night. During my shift. He was tall, handsome, always smartly dressed. I remember a long grey […]

Love for Sale

April 9, 2012


Not many people can boast that they’ve been turned down by a male escort.  Well, I wouldn’t exactly boast about it either, but I have to admit that I have been.  Turned down.  There is some distinction in that, isn’t there?  I mean, those guys are paid to do all sorts of things.  Including sex. […]

We Can Still Be Facebook Friends

November 30, 2011


“Let’s be super great friends!” That, coming from my recently ex-boyfriend.  Jesse.  We’d been dating for five months and were never really serious, but he was sweet and gentle and comfortable to be with.  It was nice to have a steady date.  Although I have been single far more often than not, whenever I am […]