Prince of Canada

What a bizarre news period this past week has been. These past few weeks, actually. Since the orange face began appearing all over, every day. Non stop. A constant bombardment of insanity. Hard to believe. Difficult to accept. We are securely in Twilight Zone territory.

On the gay front, if there is a gay front, the news has been equally distressing. Equally strange. In a breathtakingly brief whirlwind, the hate-filled attention seeking Milo boy has flamed up and burnt out. A level of ubiquity to rival the orange face, for a short time. He was everywhere. On everyone’s lips. In everyone’s newsfeeds. Everyone asking who he is, and why are we all talking about him?

Well, faster than anyone might have expected, he’s gone. Over. Done. Book deal rescinded. Speaking gig cancelled. Day job resigned. Turns out we don’t need another despicable self loathing homophobe making the rounds on tv talk shows. What’s more, it turns out the right wing conservative machine doesn’t need a token gay boy to deliver the same intolerant messages that can be delivered just as effectively by god fearing Christians who are straight.

The provocateur was publicly spanked and sent packing.

After all the fuss, and once back to the now routinely outrageous tweeted headlines in all caps from evil horrible republicans doing evil horrible things, a meme appeared to brighten everyone’s day. Everyone in gay land, that is. If there is a gay land.

It was a photo of Justin Trudeau. From behind. A photo of Justin Trudeau’s behind, actually. Here it is, and you’re welcome:


With all the attacks on gay people, coming from one highly visible gay troll as well as from the more damaging homophobes in positions of power, it was indeed nice to be treated to such a lovely sight. Not just his butt, which is quite impressive, but his handsome face, gentlemanly manners, and his all around wonderfulness.

We got to see him standing next to the orange face, recently, and out-speaking, out-classing, out-hand shaking him at every turn. There he is, the dreamy leader of the nation of Canada, speaking from his kind compassionate heart, about embracing diversity. About welcoming people from other places, of other faiths, of other cultures.

This same man whom we fondly remember marching in a rainbow bright big gay pride parade. Smiling from ear to hear. Happy to be among his fellow humans.

This same man who appointed a cabinet to accurately represent the face of today. Black people. Hispanic people. Asian people. Gay people. Women!

When asked why he felt the need to place so many women in positions of power, he answered that we are living in the present. Not the past. Women make up just over half the population on the planet. High time we see a government that is half female.

He says the right things. A true progressive. It is no wonder that we in the states find ourselves gazing enviously north, towards the man who seems to embody all that is good and fair and why oh why must we be stuck with such an embarrassing oaf?

Just look at who surrounds us. To the north, we have the Prince of Canada. Dreamy. Inspiring. To the south, we have the manly, handsome leader of Mexico. A man who exudes virility. It’s odd, isn’t it? While these two neighboring countries are blessed with true men, real men, men who are comfortable being male, we here are bombarded daily, hourly, with the narcissistic petulant ramblings of a bloated, unmanly cartoon character.

This orange face is supposed to represent power. He’s supposed to be rich and successful. That’s why so many idiots voted for him, isn’t it? They wanted a dominant top dog. They wanted a guy’s guy, who tells it like it is. Instead, they got a silver spoon fed pampered delicate flower who lies with every breath, and needs constant praise or he sinks into a dour mood and reaches for his tweeting device to whine and complain.

The very opposite of manly.

No wonder so many of us are infatuated with the young Trudeau. From the front as well as from the back. He is the modern man. The hero of the modern novel. The actor playing the modern world leader in the big budget Hollywood film.

At the same time, he calls to mind the fantasy image of every child dreaming of a prince on a white horse. Just look at him. It’s not difficult to imagine him in a doublet and a crown.


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