Who the Hell is Milo Yiannopoulos?

It’s a fair question. All of a sudden, my news feed is full of posts about some person named Milo something Greek. Outraged posts from friends of mine who are gay, and who apparently hate this Milos person with a vengeance. So, who the hell is she?

Turns out it’s a he, and he was on Bill Maher, where quite a few people felt he did not belong. Still, I had no idea who he was. Did he win a reality show? Is he dating Taylor Swift? How did this person I’ve never heard of get to be famous?

In this day and age of youtube stars, it’s becoming increasingly common to learn that there is some person out there that I am supposed to care a great deal about. Not in the way that I’m supposed to have compassion for all creatures great and small. No, that’s not what I mean. I mean I’m supposed to care about what they wear, and who they are sleeping with, and what they have said or done to cause outrage among some, and garner attention for themselves, above all else.

Rob Lowe survived a sex scandal when he was younger, and I remember the news coverage. The poor guy had to hide out from stalking paparazzi for weeks. His career was pronounced over. It’s nothing short of remarkable that he came out on the other side intact. Eventually.

In his autobiography, he writes that now, young actors are hiring shady characters to invent scandals for them! That’s how you become famous now. By starring in a scandal. Having a particular talent or skill is only secondary. Celebrities thrive on being celebrities, for no specific reason, other than that people are talking about them. Naturally, the more outrageous the behavior, or the comment, or the outfit, the louder the gossip. For a time.

So I watched a few clips of this Milo person on Bill Maher. To find out what the fuss was all about.

He is pretty. I’ll give him that. Charming British accent. Highly kissable lips. His hair is the sort of blond dye job you’d find in the 1990s. Otherwise, he looks very much like any number of boys you might see in any gay neighborhood. Sipping an overpriced drink while clutching his pearls.

That’s not a joke. He actually is wearing pearls. Guess that’s also from the 1990s. Didn’t George Michael wear pearls on his shoulder or something? I seem to recall the image. George was Greek, too. Same as this boy with the charming British accent. Maybe it’s a tribute to him?


Okay, so he’s kind of cute. His body language, however, is kind of strange. He tilts his chin down while he speaks and looks up through his forehead, at the ceiling. What’s he looking at up there? The person he’s speaking to is seated right in front of him. It’s bizarre behavior, but I’ll leave it up to the body language experts to analyze what it means.

It didn’t take long to realize why everyone hates him. By everyone, I mean my gay friends. It’s what he’s saying while gazing distractedly up at the ceiling. He spouts the same sort of homophobic nonsense as that horrible Coulter creature. The most hateful, vile, outrageous nonsense meant to get everyone all upset. The same bigoted talking points we’ve been hearing from the far right nut jobs for decades.

With a spin. This time around, it’s coming at us from a very gay boy with kissable lips, clutching his pearls and giggling in response to the hoped-for condemnation that he is saying hateful, vile, outrageous things designed to get everyone all upset.

He blushes. He squirms delightedly. One can hear him mentally calculating the increase in clicks on his instagram page. Better rush home after this appearance and tweet something bratty.

The obvious conclusion would be that he is one of those self-hating gay men who play with Lincoln Logs. That’s the expression, isn’t it? Or something like it. Log cabin gays. Hiding in the republican party for reasons I’ve never understood. Socially liberal, fiscally conservative, or some such nonsense.

That would be the obvious conclusion, yes, but the impression that I came away with was this is just an act. This character he’s playing. It’s a performance, and I think a fairly transparent one. Gotta get a gimmick, right? Well, Milo has a gimmick. In the online realm, being republican isn’t enough to generate outrage. To cultivate fame. If he wants to dominate everyone’s news feeds, he would have to embrace the venomous beliefs of the far right conservative cretins. Like Coulter.

The thing is, I don’t know how well it will work, nor for how long. People on the far right may be happy to have a gay of their own, but they still believe he is going to burn in hell for all of eternity for his sin of homosexuality. They are not his friends.

Neither, it seems, is the gay community. I’m guessing he gets plenty of hate mail. Perhaps he giggles and blushes at all of that attention, too? Can that really be what he wants? Just to have people talking about him, no matter what they are saying? If so, then he must be happy. Here we are, talking about him.



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