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Prince of Canada

February 26, 2017


What a bizarre news period this past week has been. These past few weeks, actually. Since the orange face began appearing all over, every day. Non stop. A constant bombardment of insanity. Hard to believe. Difficult to accept. We are securely in Twilight Zone territory. On the gay front, if there is a gay front, […]

Who the Hell is Milo Yiannopoulos?

February 19, 2017


It’s a fair question. All of a sudden, my news feed is full of posts about some person named Milo something Greek. Outraged posts from friends of mine who are gay, and who apparently hate this Milos person with a vengeance. So, who the hell is she? Turns out it’s a he, and he was […]

Well, Hello Officer…

February 12, 2017


Luke Skywalker in a cop uniform? Yes, please. Not long after doing Star Wars, Mark Hamill played a Georgia cop in a little B movie I’d seen on tv one night as a kid. It was the stuff of fantasy. The main girl gets pulled over by a puppy dog cute cop and he begins […]

Online Stud, Offline Poodle

February 4, 2017


Dear Pal, What gives? What’s with all the danger boy selfies? From the profile photos you are constantly uploading on the various social networking sites that we both use, a person would think you were a seriously macho manly rugged tough guy stud. Each day, there’s another. There you are, glaring into the camera. Pouty […]