Plastic Man

While I was visiting family over the holidays, I had the chance to spend a few idle hours flipping through the many tv channels that come with cable tv. Which I do not have. It can be fun to browse the HGTV shows, or watch something on the Discovery channel, some documentary on NOVA, or … Continue reading Plastic Man


Sexy Asian Man

There has been a lot of talk recently about whether or not Asian men are sexy. Whether or not people find Asian men sexy. Some comments made publicly by a famous comedian prompted a backlash online. Photos of steamy Asian men with smoking hot bodies began popping up on social media sites, with captions like … Continue reading Sexy Asian Man


New Year's Day is here. Time to make the list of things to accomplish in the next twelve months, but also to look back on the past, and not just one year. This is a time when romance springs to mind, as in romantic partners. Romantic partners of the past. If you are single, as … Continue reading Ian