Whaddya Say We Just Stay Home?

My roommate and his boyfriend have reached the stay at home phase. They’ve been dating for six months now, are both in their twenties, and usually hit the town on a Friday night and I don’t see them until Sunday.

Not anymore. Now they stay in. He lives with his folks, in a large house not ten minutes away, so they could just as easily stay there. In fact, I’m sure it must be preferable to staying here. In my roommate’s small bedroom. Sharing a bathroom (especially a shower) with two other guys.

At his house, they can take a shower together, which they do here, but without an audience in earshot…

He’s a great guy, and of course he is welcome here whenever he wants to spend the night. No problem. Truly. That’s not my point.

I’m more interested in noticing the stage of the relationship. It’s pretty clear, and has been from the start, that he is in love with my roommate. Can’t blame him, my roommate is lovable. It’s just that I’ve never reached the stay at home phase in a relationship, neither has my roommate, and so it is fascinating to watch it unfold.

They really are adorable together. Both have super gym bodies. They talk and laugh easily. They are openly affectionate with one another. Which is kind of funny when on display at the front door. We live in a very suburban, sidewalks and station wagons kind of neighborhood. I’m certain some eyebrows are raised on the people walking dogs and pushing strollers by our house. Which they do. All the time.

“Mommy, why are those two men kissing?”

“Never mind, sweetie. Look, a butterfly!”

It’s kind of an unearned pleasure to see them emerge from my roommate’s small bedroom late in the day on Saturday. (My roommate is usually up early.) Tousled bed hair. Boxer briefs and no shirts. Making lazy plans for brunch.

If I were a different kind of person, I would be jealous, but I’m not. I find it genuinely appealing to watch these two studs progress in their relationship. Now it’s the stay at home phase. Next up is the dress alike phase.

We are already seeing a preview of that. They came home the other night while I was watering the plants. My roommate walked over to chat, while his studly gym bodied adorable boyfriend sat on one of the porch chairs. He didn’t realize until after he sat down that I had just washed them and they were still dripping.

His butt was now soaking wet. The seat of his white pants turning transparent. He slipped into my roommate’s small bedroom to change into the same pair of pants my roommate had on.

The next morning, they headed out for a bike ride at the beach in matching gray tank tops and striped shorts. Okay, now they are just being cute for the sake of being cute.



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