Tommy X Nadal


Once again, Rafa Nadal is posing in his underwear. This time for Tommy Hilfiger. Once again, they have given the camera to a straight man. (I’m assuming.)

Although the ad is cute, a strip tease, it is clearly designed to appeal to women. Or rather, what a straight man thinks will appeal to women. What is so frustrating is that there is a huge opportunity being wasted. To appeal to gay men. Who will certainly be interested in buying a sexy pair of underpants, especially when they are modeled on the amazing ass of Rafael Nadal.

Here is the perfect excuse to point the camera at that magnificent butt and just let it linger. Fill the frame. Show his entire rear end in tight closeup. The glorious curves, the shapes and surfaces. Film him as he walks away. In slow motion. Capturing his round muscles as they flex. Have him bend over. Why not? This is an underwear ad! What better way to sell your product than to put it on the most famous butt in the sport of Tennis?

Instead, we get quick cuts. Rapid editing. As if they are trying not to show too much. Where is the logic in that? Show too much! Please.

For those of us who love Rafa, the past year has been a tough one. He’s having a hard time on the courts. The very least you could do, the most… actually, is to let us see him in his underwear. Showing off his butt. It’s no small consolation. At all. In fact, it’s the stuff of dreams.

Here is the ad:


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