Roommie’s Hot New Bod

My roommate for the past four years has been in Asia for the past four months on a modeling contract. He’s one of those half Asian/half caucasian guys that are always in demand here in Los Angeles. Even more so in parts of Asia. Especially for commercial print work.

He’s part Native American, too, which gives him an even more exotic look. While there, he was only able to work out with his elastic cords and a pull-up bar.  The portable kind that fits onto any door frame. Normally, he’s at the gym every day, so this was a big concern for him. How would he be able to get by without his usual work out routine?

Now, I’ve never really found him attractive, much. Sure, he’s a handsome guy, with a thousand watt smile, but he’s just too bulky. Or was. He’s six foot one, and although we wear the same size jeans (I borrowed a pair while he was away and they fit better than any of my own,) it was his upper body that was big. Large pecs. No definition.

With the new exercise routine, and I guess the change of diet over there, his body has been completely transformed. He now is built like a sex toy. I’m not kidding. Like a photoshop illustration of a character in an erotic fantasy. He came into my room while working out, all sweaty and dressed in just his black boxer briefs. My god. I’m living with a tall hot fuckable sex toy.

He has the most lean and toned frame. No more bulk. It’s pure muscle, on the upper body, and his abs are perfectly flat. His waist is so small. There is something incredibly sexy about a tall muscular guy with a tiny waist and a lean sinewy torso. He was afraid he’d been gaining weight due to all the unfamiliar foods he’s been eating. The exact opposite has happened.

There is, of course, nothing romantic going on between us. Never was. We’re just roommates. Even so, I’m hoping he stays away from the damn gym and keeps doing whatever it is he’s been doing with those elastic cords.


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