Rafa’s Chevron Shorts

Whoever it was that came up with the design for the Nike gear clinging to Raphael Nadal’s body this season is brilliant. Gray shorts with a subtle chevron print, perfectly adding interest to the most captivating shapes and curves of that man’s magnificent body. Let’s face it. He’s got a great ass. He knows it, too. If not consciously, then subconsciously. It’s fairly obvious, from the way his hand keeps reaching back to adjust his briefs. He can feel the attention being focused on the impressive muscles of his backside.

Just imagine the pleasure involved in designing those gray chevron shorts. I’d like to think it was a gay man who was rewarded with that task. How to highlight the most famous butt on the Tennis court? Hmmm, what if we used a fabric with a pattern that will seem to move as his cheeks flex, as he bends over the base line, as he lunges and thrusts? How about a chevron?

Wonder if the designer got to be there at the wardrobe fitting, to see his handiwork on that work of art? I hope so. He’s probably posting screen captures of the costume in motion and bragging that he made it happen. He’d be totally justified.





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