Cute Boy Alert

Tousled blond hair.  Sparkling blue eyes.  Adorable nose.  Perfect smile, with the most ingratiating  dimples.  Looks to be about twenty-five, but is dressed like a prep school boy.  Shirt buttoned in the wrong holes.  Intentionally careless.  Tie loosened.  Artfully askew.  Soft grey cashmere cardigan.  Buttoned right.  The best part is the pants.  They look as if they spent the past three weeks at the bottom of his hamper.  Suddenly needing them, he ransacks his bedroom until he finds them, and decides they are okay for another wear.  Crinkled, crumpled, badly in need of a good ironing.  Scuffed and worn brown leather docksiders, without socks.  Those must be in the hamper, too. So damned cute, I had to sneak a photo.

Couldn’t manage it until his back was turned, but that’s okay, since he looked great from that angle, too.


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