Cute Boy Alert

Tousled blond hair.  Sparkling blue eyes.  Adorable nose.  Perfect smile, with the most ingratiating  dimples.  Looks to be about twenty-five, but is dressed like a prep school boy.  Shirt buttoned in the wrong holes.  Intentionally careless.  Tie loosened.  Artfully askew.  Soft grey cashmere cardigan.  Buttoned right.  The best part is the pants.  They look as … Continue reading Cute Boy Alert


Love for Sale

Not many people can boast that they’ve been turned down by a male escort.  Well, I wouldn’t exactly boast about it either, but I have to admit that I have been.  Turned down.  There is some distinction in that, isn’t there?  I mean, those guys are paid to do all sorts of things.  Including sex. … Continue reading Love for Sale