Hold That Pose

Have we all become voyeuristic paparazzi?  Armed with high tech camera equipped smart phones, how easy has it become to surreptitiously capture a snapshot of a cute guy we see in passing?  It’s gotten to the point where we don’t even realize we are doing anything that might be considered slightly improper.

I’ve stopped short of posting those cute boy photos on facebook, although I’ve noticed plenty of my friends doing just that.  Labeled with captions like ” Hot guy riding his bike in Santa Monica.”

Many times I’ve caught myself reaching for my phone when checking out a guy in some public place.  Then I realize I can’t just aim my camera at a total stranger.  Or ask him to strike that pose again, the one which prompted my interest.

Just yesterday, I was cruising down a street in my car.  Not the cruising people do in clubs.  The cruising required to find a parking space.  There was a handsome guy in a shirt and tie standing on the sidewalk talking to what appeared to be customers.  Or clients.  Was he a realtor showing a storefront property?  He was young for that, and reminded me of those boys on that Million Dollar Listing show.  He had both hands in his pockets, pulling his already trim fitting dress slacks tighter across a truly amazing rear end.  His butt was magnificent.

I slowed down, then made a u-turn and pulled up alongside the parked cars.  Without hesitating, I grabbed my phone and held it up to the passenger side window and took a photo of the guy from behind.  When a couple of cars approached, I waved them by and turned on my flashers.  Couldn’t they see I needed to get this shot?  What was wrong with them?

Then I laughed at what I was doing.  I should have been embarrassed, but I wasn’t.  Guess we all adjust quickly to the improvements technology provides.  Even if they come at a cost to standards of propriety.


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