A Halloween Fable

Kevin had always made a point of avoiding the city on three nights of the year: New Year’s Eve, Saint Patrick’s Day, and Halloween.  He never liked crowds, especially crowds of drunken revelers who flock into Manhattan to behave badly and trash the place.  This year, he booked a job on the Upper East side, and had a couple of errands to run, as well.  So it happened he was there.

He was originally supposed to work the Halloween party of a famous person, which would have been fun, but he was demoted to playing Casper the Friendly Ghost at another affair on the upper East side instead.  It was a big disappointment, but it gave him the chance to work with his buddy Ned who, although straight, is a first class hunk.  The body of a porn star, and sweet to boot.

Since Kevin was concealed in an oversized stuffed costume, he was able to examine the handsome Ned undetected. There was a thrill to that, as well as to being led about and handled freely by his hot studly pal, who was very attentive, and eager to help him navigate the obstacles of stairs and small children underfoot.  Getting around in a giant fluffy suit can be tricky, but apparently not without benefits.

After the party, Kevin had planned to submit his picture and resume for a role on a cop show which films in NY.  While he is in the city, he may as well try to book some TV work.  Although it was now after hours, he hoped that he could get past security at Chelsea Piers in order to make the drop-off.  Most places leave a box outside the casting office for that purpose, perhaps they do the same thing for this cop show?

He had never been to Chelsea Piers before, but had no trouble accomplishing his task, and enjoyed the walk along the water’s edge.  He also enjoyed flirting with the cute Latin fellow at the guard post.  Dazzling smile.  He gave directions to a gas station, and made Kevin wish he was not so timid, and could muster up the courage to ask for his number.  After all, this was Chelsea.  If the guy was not gay, he must be used to propositions, and would most likely flash that smile either way.

Kevin drove on without taking the chance, sadly reminded of how things were before finding his first real boyfriend, and even more sadly aware of having lost him so quickly.  He turned a corner and was shocked to see such heavy traffic, before realizing it was now 8PM on Halloween night, and he was right in the midst of the big gay parade.

By instinct, he found a way out of the mess and headed uptown as quickly as he could.  He had straight friends to visit, and wanted to be nowhere near the hordes of screaming queens, rainbow flag wavers or Mardi Gras migratory circuit boys.

Then he had the strongest impulse to turn around and go back.  Dive right in to what many people were excited to be a part of.  Halloween in Manhattan.  It was just the sort of thing he would never do, but maybe he was at a point in life where it was important to do exactly what he normally would not.  He determined that after a polite visit with his straight friends, he would head back down to Chelsea and at least walk around among the party-party people.

That is just what he did.  His parking Karma was working well that night.  At all three stops he made, he found a free space within a short walk to his destination.  What would that destination be at this last stop?  What was the point of the parade? Although it was late by now, the streets were still closed and police were out in full force, and the energy was still slightly out of control.

Kevin walked around for some time, not sure what he was hoping to find, but feeling as if there were some reason for his being there.  He looked past the drunken idiots.  The loud obnoxious noise.  He tried not to dwell on the missed chance to be here with his now ex beau.  After having spent so long alone, it was painful to have spent so short a time together.  He never felt a part of this gay world, and still did not.  Drugs.  Promiscuity.  Out and proud always sounded silly.  Out of where and proud of what?

Finally, he headed back to his car.  At least he could say that he went.  He took an action he would normally have not.  Nothing much happened, but he wasn’t even sure what he had expected to happen in the first place.  Maybe he was just looking for some kind of sign?

Then, as he passed a group of friends standing around talking, something did happen.  A small thing.  The friends had come to the parade dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz.  Glenda the Good Witch was a tall, very handsome boy with sparkling blue eyes.  He tapped Kevin on the head with his magic wand and said,”You have a good night.”

It was a sweet gesture.  A touching moment.  Maybe he was being blessed by the good fairy of Halloween?  It made him smile as he walked back to his car, feeling as if he found what he came for.

Most people would think it a tame night, considering the occasion, but after all, Kevin had always been a timid guy.


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